Cure And Control

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healing gems

of diseases through these precious and powerful gems

Birthstone healing, zodian gemstones healing

1. Acidity Emerald+Yellow Sapphire+Hessonite
2. Accidents Red Coral+White Pearl will prevent you from all the types of accident
3. Anemia, Arthritis, Bladder Problem, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Hernias, syphilis  & Tuberculosis Red Coral+Yellow Sapphire
4. Asthma      Blue Sapphire
5. Bronchitis, Common Cold, Constipation,   
    Throat trouble
Red Coral
6. Cancer Light Blue Sapphire+Red Coral
7. Digestive Disorder Emerald+Yellow Sapphire
8. Ear troubles, Gall stones, Paralysis Red Coral+Emerald
9. Eczema White Coral+Emerald
10.Epilepsy Emerald+Moon Stone
11 Goiter White Coral+Moon Stone
12.Gonorrhoea, Hysteria Red Coral+Moon Stone
13.Heart Disease Ruby
14. High Blood Pressure Emerald+Yellow & Blue Sapphire
15. Impotency   Diamond orYellow Sapphire+Red Coral
16. Insomnia Emerald+Moon Stone+Yellow Sapphire
17. Jaundice Red Coral+Blue Sapphire
18. Leucorderma White Coral+Emerald
19. Menstrual Disorders  Pearl
20. Mental Illness Emerald+Moon Stone+Yellow Sapphire
21. Miscarriage, Piles & Paralysis Emerald+Moon Stone+Yellow Sapphire