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Dear Devote,
Now there is a great chance to be a Divine Member of the GREAT SAULAT KHAN INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL DIVINE SOCIETY.

Once you are a divine member of the great society you will not have to pay any money for the spiritual goods for life time.

Special Membership Powers that are only prepared for the members will be sent to you so that you can enjoy the powers and effects of the spiritual goods.

Special Rituals and Ceremonies will be done every month in your name so that if there is any negative energy, black magic, hex, curse etc on you, so that will be immediately destroyed by offering special rituals and ceremonies which will be done for life time.

You will be given a Special Membership Certificate which will prove that you are a life time member of the GREAT SAULAT INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL DIVINE SOCIETY.

Also once you are a Divine Member then any power or spiritual good you need or if you need any thing special to be prepared that will be possible.

In other words you will be spiritually guided and protected for life time.

Also with the specially prepared membership powers you will be always protected from any type of hex, curse, black magic, negative eye, jealousy also all type of diseases which are hidden and not visible to the naked eye will be completely destroyed so that you can live a very successful and happy life.

Now regarding the membership fees. As you see , I have told and explained before that the benefits you will be getting after you will be a member, now the membership fees that you will have to pay will be once and then you will be a member of life time. The membership fees that can change your life is $900. And once you pay this fees you will be a registered member of my spiritual society. Also I would like to say that now the opportunity has come to your door step so that by paying this amount you will be entering a new world of success, power, fame etc and a world which is ruled by you as and like other members of my spiritual family. Also if I wanted I would have charged you a lot and many people are ready to pay even 2000 dollars for the membership but as I said I don't make any one a member only those who really are in need are given the opportunity to join my great spiritual society and so by this way they can change their life. As I have devoted my entire life helping people and so seeing their success gives me happiness

So if you have any questions or if you are interested in helping the poor you can always email me at or .

God Bless.
DR Saulat Khan