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The Law of Attraction - The Law of Ten-Fold Return
The Law of Attraction - Donate to Help Others

Be a Generous Person ... Give Generously!

Make a Habit of Tithing and Giving Offerings.

Many people don't understand the importance of generosity. They hold on tightly to what they own, unaware that selfishness often causes financial difficulties.

Although everyone is called to be generous, you should be especially so if you are wealthy. Do not be embarrassed by your wealth, but remember it is not your money. Use it to bless others.

For thousands of years, people have given a tithe (ten percent) and more of what they earn back to God in gratitude for his love

If you are burned, don't become stingy.
If you are generous, it's likely someone will try to take advantage of you at one time or another. If this happens, don't let the experience stop you from aiding others. Pray for the person who misused your help, and ask God to help you be wise in the future

Don't give as a financial transaction-to get rich.
Many Scriptures tell us that God rewards generosity. However, if self-interest is our primary motive for giving, we are making a major mistake.
Instead, we should be glad to acknowledge God's love with our love, service and gifts, happy to return to God what is really his.

God promises to meet our needs and often rewards our generosity financially. However, other times the refreshment he gives is spiritual-something much more precious than money.

If you give money to an individual, it is often best to do so anonymously. One way to do this could be to give cash to your pastor or another trustworthy person who would then give it to the person in need.

Give humbly.
Enjoy the privilege of giving, but do not become proud about what you are doing. Remember that it is God who gives you the ability to share. Be thankful for the privilege of giving.

Do not be embarrassed if you can only give a little.
Don't be uncomfortable if you earn little and therefore don't have much money to give. God is interested in your heart. Give a percentage of what you have; do not be embarrassed because you are not rich.

Abundance Flows with the Law of Ten-Fold Return
An important aspect of attracting what you desire in life is giving. The law of ten-fold return says that for every hour you spend helping someone, you will receive 10 hours from the Universe in return. For every dollar you give away, you will receive 10 dollars from the Universe in return. It might not come immediately, but it will come.

One of the Surest Ways to Receive is to Give
Keep all good things flowing to you and through you to others. The Universe does not have vacuums. If you give, it creates a vacuum which must be filled with more money, more hours, more whatever that you give to others.

Giving will do more for you than for those you give to. Giving makes you feel great about yourself and it demonstrates faith that the Universe will always provide more. You don't have to keep and hoard what you have, this only demonstrates a lack mentality.

On this page, I will list worthy causes I find and if you are inspired to give, send something to help. Just put a few dollars in an envelope and send it anonymously or write a check. Send them a letter of encouragement or offer a prayer or send good energy their way.

Donate Money or Time - you get it back ten-fold.

You cannot surely comprehend how much grateful we are for every donation we receive. It doesnt only mean that we dont have to scratch our own pockets to pay the bills... it shows somehow you acknowledge our work

Make a gift in memory of a loved one who has passed away.

We are helping orphans in every possible way from the payment of school fees and supplies, to support for their guardians, most often grandmothers and older teenagers. We will help nourish the orphans through school gardens and school feeding programmes and fund projects that help these children cope with their grief and then work to build their self-sufficiency through vocational and life skills training and you could end up helping a child sleep without an empty stomach or help him go to school.

We offer a platform for everyone to make a donation and do their bit in life. There are millions of people around the world who don't get a meal everyday and schooling is far from achievable. They do not have the basic amenities in life and live a miserable life. Lets touch their lives - You can change a life !!
Lets stop discussing and start acting today - We can make this a better place to live ourselves. God Bless All.

Our first priority is to help those who are in the greatest need, especially those who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own. Our second priority is to create programs that help people help themselves by providing tools and support that enable the ambitious and hard-working to better themselves and escape poverty. Our third priority is to produce or supply programs that provide a benefit to the general public, such as training classes that promote general health or welfare. Our fourth priority is to provide educational materials and resources to foster public understanding on the nature of religion and to promote better relations of those of various faiths.

Our financial help comes from those faithful and sensitive people in the family of God whom the Lord speaks to help us. We are grateful for all those that hear His voice and help us monetarily so that we can bless others all over the world. Would you pray about helping us? Some people do not realize the mission field that is here on the Internet. We would like to be your cyberspace missionaries. We do thank you for your support and your prayers

This is the greatest promise that God can give to any of us. When the Lord says, "I am with you and I will bless you," you can rest assured that you will never lack or live in fear of bondage

As you honor God first by giving him your best first then He will bless the rest. I believe 2007 is the year you will see the manifest blessings of God released in your life if you as you put Him first! Put God first in your prayers, in your planning and in your giving.

When your life is out of line...out of constant strugle it results from God not being first. When you do put him first and live by this principle of first things first, everything in your life come into perfect alignment an you begin to live under an open heaven!

God wants us to be happy
God does want us to be happy. He wants us to succeed. However, God doesn't measure success by how much money we have. God to bless you with money. This idea is blind to the fact that the blessings of God do not always come in monetary form. And, sometimes, the way God leads us to ultimate happiness is through trials. How can we learn to appreciate and give thanks for what we have if we are never deprived? Each individual has different spiritual needs, and money was never the answer for spiritual development. Perhaps your trials are so that you will turn to God for comfort and strength, for the ability to see yourself through the trials, rather than for you to seek immediate financial redress with the help of seed money.

Everyday we thank God for his faithfulness in helping raise our children.
He has given us everything we have needed spiritually, emotionally and financially. We are now working in faith that God will bless Giving Life Ministries so we can share what God has given our family. We need the prayer support and covering of your belief in our mission. We need the financial support of the Lord's will, for you, in supporting His/our mission
So Even if you can 1 Dollar for the poor, god will bless you and also help you in achieving all your goals and will bring success and happiness in your life.

So if you have any questions or if you are interested in helping the poor you can always email me at or .

Or you can send the funds by PayPal at this email address

God Bless.