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Witchcraft And Wicca Spell.

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If you may have any type of wish in your mind and that wish is not coming true, it can be about love, money, relationship any thing then you may do this spell and all the wish that you may have in your mind will be fulfilled

You will cast this spell in the morning before sunrise. You will need to wear while clothes. First have a spiritual bath and then wear new white clothes and now you are ready for the spell.

You will need 2 Red Candles, 2 White Candles, 2 Pink Candles and 2 Green Candles.
now you will make a circle with the candles and will sit in the middle of the circle. Then take a black candle and keep it in front of you. Now light all the candles and concentrate on the black candle look at the light of the candle and chant these words ASHTHAA NAKUSHTHA MANISHTHA PANCHASHTHA _________ (in the last you have to say what is your wish about, if its about love, money, success or any other thing). You will have to chant these words 200 times every day and as soon as you have finished chanting, blow the candles and keep them aside and then continue the next day. Soon you wishes will be granted.
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