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I have said before also and again I am saying that you can use Black Magic Spells for good purpose only. To help any one or to protect any one and also in love relation you can use black magic spell. But never use the spell to harm or hurt any one. If you will use this spell for good then you will get good results.

Again this Love Spell can be used as white magic and black magic also. You will get good results, but if you feel that the results are not that fast then you can use the black magic spell also.

White Magic Love Spell:
You will need your picture and the picture of the person you love. Now you will need a red ink and with red ink behind your picture you will need to write his name and birth date details and behind the picture of the person you love you will have to write your name and birth date details. Once this is done then you will need a Red candle, put the candle on the picture and then light the candle and chant these words: PYAAR MORA NOBATEIN MUSHKIL HAL HO. You can chant these words 200 times for 7 days and then after 7 days you may burry your picture outside his house and you may burry his picture outside his house. You will see that slowly the person you love will show lots of interest in you and will not only get attracted to you but will be back in your life.

Black Magic Spell:
You will do the same procedure but instead of the red ink, you will need owls blood to write the names behind the pictures and instead of a red candle you will be using a black candle.

Also it is important that while casting the spell you are very positive and confident about yourself, and there is lots of positive energy with you. Remember if you are not confident or positive then you will not be successful and you will not get the desired results. Ang if you feel that you can not cast the spell then email me. I will cast the spell for you, inquire us.