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White Magic Spells of Saulat

White Magic Spells

You may cast white magic spell always as they are very simple and also very safe and will help you giving you positive results.

If you have any wish in your mind and you feel that your wish will not be granted then you can cast this simple white magic spell.

White magic spells :
You will need to wear white clothes. Then take 2 white candles. Early morning before sunrise you may start the spell casting. Light the 2 white candles, and concentrate with your mind and proper meditation that what ever is your wish it should be granted immediately and you may do this for 5 minutes and then chant these words 200 times. KABOOL MERA HUKUM HISAAB. After that you may blow the candle and keep it inside your bed. You will see that soon all your wishes will be granted. Our effective white magic spells give positive result, we have white magic spells that protect you and your family. Ask us how it's really work for you.

Before casting the spell, it is importanty that you are positive and only positive thoughts are in your mind. So that the spell will give you good results ff there is positive energy around you. And if you feel that you are not positive or stressed then let me know. If necessary I will cast the spell for you.

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