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There are various types of love spells, but again it is always better to start with a simple love spell that can be very effective also. I have seen that many different spells require lots of ingredients and many times it is not possible also to get materials that may be required by casting the spell. That's why this spell is very simple and any one can do it in their own house.

The only condition is that be very confident and sure of your self, and don't cast the spell if you are not sure or confident about your self.

Remember this spell is only to get the attention of your love or lover so that he will love you more and will give you lots of importance in his or her life.

Many have tried this simple love spell and it has worked for may so will also work for you.

This is another simple and effective spell for love. If you feel that you are not getting proper attention from your love. Or if you feel that your love is avoiding you then try this spell.

You will need 40 red candles. Every evening after 7 you may burn one candle and while burning chant these magic words. ZAMBON PUNIRAM JANMATTAN________(name of the person you love). You may do this for 40 days and while you are casting this spell you will see that your love is coming close to you and will find you more and more attractive.

Again you need lots of positive energy around you while you Cast the Love Spell, And if your concentration is not strong enough then you may not get the desired results.

Again you may not worry as if you are having problems email me and I will guide you. And if you are not able to caste this spell then I will cast it on your behalf.