Simple Money Spells. Cast Money Spell without Ingredients


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Simple Money Spells.
This is a very Simple Money Spell and the reason is that it does not require  any ingredients  or  any special tools or altars to cast this spell. In fact any one can cast this spell and there are many who have been benefited from this spe

All you will need is one dollar note. On the note with the help of green ink or green colour pen you will write your name followed by ARIM MOH MOH MAYA JAAL. After this you need to concentrate and meditate and think that lots of money is going to come in your life, whatever happens money will flow in your life. This way you will send energies to the universe. After the meditation you will fold the one only once and keep it in your purse or pocket. Also keep this note with you anywhere you go, and you will notice that there will always be money flow in your life.

The procedure of this money spell is very simple but it is very effective also.

But remember the basics of spell casting. Always be positive and send positive energies only to the universe. Don’t let any negative thoughts to enter your mind while spell casting.

So have questions or looking for spells. Email me and I will guide you.