Code no: 126
Incense sticks
Incense sticks which are also known as Agarbatis in India are often used for religious ceremonies or occasions and also for offering prayers, initially they were only common in India but because of its spiritual fragrance and popularity it has made its name in abroad as well. Incense are available in many fragrances like musk, sandal, rose, lavander, jasmine and many more, if you may have any other fragrance in your mind then let me know.
Cost of one packet of incese stick is US $20
Code no: 127
Perfumed Oils (Attars)

Perfumed Oils also known as attars or scents, are said to attract positive energies from the surrounding and also keeps the user fresh through out the day, it is also said that these perfumed oils play a very important role in upliftment of our mind and soul. These Perfumed Oils are Alcohol Free and are available in many odours the most widely used are majmua, jannatul firdaus, jasmine, rose, sandal, amber and many more. If you may have any other fragrance in mind do let me know as I have named here some common ones.
Cost of one bottle of perfumed Attar is US $20
Code no: 128
Rosary which is a spiritual way to reach God, these rosaries are very handy to use so either you are traveling you can always keep it with you in your pocket or you can always keep it in your hand, It also helps you to increase your concentration and meditation.
Cost of this rosary is US $25