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If you feel that you have lost your love to some one else, or the person you love has left you, and has lost interest in you then by casting of this powerful and effective love spell you can regain your lost love and can live a happy loving life.

You will have to take a red candle, and 40 rose petals. Every day you will light the candle and chant these words 200 times. ______(name of the person you love) ANA MOLAN MILA TOMAR _______(your name). After chanting these words 200 times, take one rose petal and burn the corners of the petal with the same candle. After that quietly you will take the petal and will burry it outside the house of your lover in such a way that he has to pass through the rose petal every day.

You may do this for 40 days and you will see that your lover will again start dreaming about you and will come back to you.

Again remember while casting the spell don't bring any negative thoughts to your mind. You will need to make a positive atmosphere around you so that the spell will work for you in a positive way. Also if you feel that mind is not strong enough to cast the spell, then let me know. I will cast the spell for you,