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Need Love Spells.

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Looking for a strong and powerful love spell, then you can go for this spell, I have seen many people getting positive results with this spell.

You may take a bowl and fill it with rose petals. Then you may add honey to eat , mix them together and once this is done. You may chant these words MERA ANAAAME KOALAA MAYURI. You may chant these words 360 times for 7 days. On the 6th day you may take a jar and put the mixture in the jar and keep it in the son.

Now if you love a person or you want his or her attention, you may give one spoon of the mixture and then you will see that once the person will eat the mixture the spell will get activated and you will get the attention of that person.

Again I will say that while doing this full work, meditate and think positive so that every thing that you will prepare will work for you.

If you feel that things are difficult and not easy then email me and I will guide you further.