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If you want to gain the love of some one, or if you love a particular person but you are not successful in getting his or her love; then this simple and easy love spell can help you in getting close to your loved one.

You will cat this spell in the night after sunset. You will need a picture of the person you love. Then take a red candle and place it on the picture, the candle must be place on the forehead of the picture. Then light the candle and chant these words ZULU ANTAL MUNRI MILE MOKO. Chant these words 360 times and then blow the candle take the picture and put it under your pillow. You will have repeat this every day and slowly you will see that person you love is slowly getting attracted to you.

While casting this spell, it is important that only this person whom you want is in your mind. Also always be positive, keep you mind very strong and see that only positive energy is with you. If you will think negative or your concentration is not strong then you may not get the desired results. Some times it happens when you are not mentally strong to cast the spell. In that case let me know and I will cast the spell for you.