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Candles and perfumes have lots of positive energy and use of candles and perfumes will always give you good and positive results.

If u are having lots of bad luck and always you don't have success in your work then you may cast this spell. This spell will clean you , remove all the negative energy from your body and will bring success and happiness in your life.

Now to cast this spell you will need sandal natural perfume oil and 2 white and 2 black candles.

Now first you may take bath with rose water. After that you will have to wear white clothes and then start the spell casting. You will need to put few drops of the perfume oil on your body and then put one white and one black candle ahead of you and one black and one white candle behind you. Then light the candles and chant these words AMOLA CATOLA BANTOLA AAKASHAN PUKHRAJ HO, 200 times every day. By doing this you will see that slowly all the black magic and evil eye that is on you will be gone and success and happiness will come in your life and you will be blessed with success and good luck.

While casting the spell it is very important that you are positive and confident about yourself so that the spell will work for you and will give you positive results. If you feel that you always get negative thoughts then don't cast the spell as you may not get desired results. In that case let me know and I will cast the spell for you.