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Sorcery Spell.

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As we all know that sorcery is an art of practicing or casting spell with the help of black magic, but again it should be for good only.

Now if you have an enemy who has troubled you or who has made your life a living hell then you may cast this spell that will not only protect you but will punish your enemy.

Also if there is some one you feel is destroying your friend's life or troubling your close friend then also you may cast this spell.

You will need a flower pot. Then take any belongings of your enemy, like hair strands, piece of cloth any thing and put it in the flower pot. Then you will need chickens fresh blood and put it on it. Once this is done then put mud and plant a cactus free on it. After this once this is done then put fresh goats blood on the mud and then water the plant. After this you will have to keep the plant in your house. And every morning before watering the plant you may chant these words _______(name of the enemy) INTAA ZER NAMSEKA DHER HO, chant these words 200 times every day and water the plant. Slowly you will see that your enemy will be in trouble. Will be punished and destroyed and will be away and will never harm or affect you or the person you love or care for.

Again while casting the spell it is important that you are confident and positive. If you feel that you are little afraid or you are not confident enough to cast the spell then don't cast the spell as it may not give the proper results. In that cast let me know and I will cast the spell for you.