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Magic Potions.

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There are various types of magic potions, like magic potions for love, for money and so on. If you need any special type of magic potion then you can always email me so that I can guide you further.

Here is a simple magic potion for money that will give you powerful and effective results. First you may boil water for some time, once the water is boiled add rose water to it. Then you will need your own gold ornaments like rings or pendants etc and you may put it in the water for 24 hours. Once this is done add few drops of saffron. Then after 24 hours you may remove the gold and collect the water in the bottle. This potion acts like money potion. Gold element is associated with money and so when you put gold in the water, rosewater absorbs positive energies and vibrations of gold and then when you start using the potion, it will activate your money stars so that you will get good results where money is involved. If you may have any questions on money potions email me.