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Magic Spell for Money.

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This is a very simple and affective spell, and will help you with lots of money. Also this spell will help you in getting money from others, and also if you are in trouble and need money then it will be organized for you.

You will need 6 green candles. Make a circled of lobaan powder, then take a JAMUN Crystal in the form of a pendant and keep it in your right hand. Then sit in the circle, close your palm which has the pendant. After that light the candles and chant these words KAAMYAAB HO GAAIB SE MADAT HO. Chant these words 360 times every day for 20 days and then you will have to wear the JAMUN CRYSTAL around your neck.

The crystal will have lots of positive energy and will make your money stars so strong that when ever you will need money it will be organized from any where and your money problems will be solved.