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This simple love spell, is used to bring 2 lovers close to each other, bring love and affection between lovers, also with the power of this spell you can bind the lovers together.

To cast this spell you will first take a bath with rosewater. Then you will need a parchment paper. On the paper you will write the name of the 2 lovers. And if you are doing this spell casting for yourself then you will need to write your name and the person you love. Then cover both the names with rose petals and in the centre of the paper put a red candle. Light the candle and then chant these words 360 times _______(name of the male lover) MILE USKAA NIRANTAM MUNATUM ANTUR_________(name of the female lover). After chanting these words 360 times, blow off the candle and keep the paper in your room. You may continue the same the next day and go on like this. You will see that with the power of the spell the 2 lovers will come closer to each other and also there will be a strong bond of love between them.

Also as I always say; it is very important that your mind is free from any type of negativity and also very positive so that the spell will work and will give positive results. As if you are not positive then you may not get effective results. Also If you have any questions and if you feel you can not do the spell then email me and I will cast the spell for you, Try love spells.