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White Magic Spell for Love

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This is a very simple and effective white magic spell to get back your love. If the person you love is not giving you enough attention and you are too much worried, or if your close friend or any unknown person is robbing your love and taking him or her away from you then you may cast this simple spell.

You will need 40 sandal incense sticks. You may take all the incense sticks in your hand, and sprinkle rose water on it. Them you may take the 40 incense sticks in your right hand and chant these words: ______(name of your love) MERA LOVE INATTA MONI PAAYA_________(your name). You may chant these words 360 times with lots of positive energy around you. Once this is done, you will have to take one incense stick and burn it in your room, and while you are burning the incense you have to be in the room and at that time keep in your mind that your love is going be with you for ever and will love you more. Like this you will have to burn the incense for 40 days and you will see that the person you love will love you more and more and will always think of you, Try love spells.

Also it is important that you are very positive and confident while casting the spell, and ne negative though is in your mind or the spell will not work. Also if you are not ready or comfortable doing the spell then let me know; I will cast the spell for you. Find white magic spells for love.