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Lottery Spells Chants and Rituals.

Lottery Spells Chants and Rituals, Get Rich Lotto Spells Chants


Winning lottery is something that every one of us wants to win, and we all have dreamt of winning lottery and also have made plans as once we have the money how we will change our lives and plan to live a lavish life. But even after trying many times and by purchasing different lottery tickets still we fail. Have you ever wondered why this happened? The answer lies in lottery spells. To win a lottery we need the correct combinations of numbers and that is possible only with the help of lottery spells or rituals. To win lottery we need HIGHER POWERS and it is these HIGHER POWERS because of which we can win lottery and change our lives.

Spell casting is all about sending energies and receiving energies from the Universe and for this it is very important that you don’t have any type of negative energies or black magic effects or any type of curse on you. If you are affected by any such negative effects then your will not have the positive energy that will be responsible for changing your life.

That’s why it is very important that all the evil and negative energies are destroyed and your aura is clean before you may go for lottery or lotto spells. And yes then the Lottery Spell will work and will do wonders in your life. As remember whatever you may do without the help of spells and spell casting you can never win any type of lottery whatever you may do.

This is a type of WHITE MAGIC LOTTERY SPELL, that you can cast in your house and you will not need any ingredients.
First you will take a spiritual bath so that all the negative energies are destroyed and you are ready for spell casting. Remember if there is any negative energy around you or if you are cursed with any type of black magic etc. then the spell will not work for you as your energies will not be strong enough to communicate with the HIGH POWERS.

First you will take a golden chart paper. On the paper you will write the numbers from 1-100. Try to write the numbers with saffron ink. Now take one dollar note or any note of your country currency and attach it to the chart paper. Now you will put this paper under your pillow in the night while sleeping. Before you will sleep chant these words continuously

Chant these words continuously while sleeping. You will do this every day while sleeping. Here what will happen is that your energy that will be released will reach the HIGH POWERS that will make your sub conscious mind powers very strong and powerful and when this will happen in your dream you will get the vision of all the lottery numbers. You will then in the morning concentrate and with the help of the sub conscious mind you will get the lottery or lotto numbers that can change your destiny.

But again as I will say one thing that cast the spell only if you are positive and confident about yourself. And even you are one percent negative then don’t cast the spell and let a professional spell caster do the job for you.

You can also contact me so that I will first check if there are no negative energies or evil eye around you and then will cast the spell for you.

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