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House Protection Spells.

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Do you feel that your house has some type of evil energy, evil eye or negative vibrations because of which you are having lots of bad luck, unhappiness, fights, unknown problems in your house, if the answer is yes it means that some one has done some evil or black magic in your house or some times, evil energies and vibrations do make their place in the house whereby causing lots of bad luck and this can also some times affect you, affect your horoscope and your stars positive and then this way the negative energy may start effecting and destroying you.

Anyways with the help of casting this simple spell you can protect your house from all the evil energies and black magic so that only positive energy will be in your house and success and happiness will always be with you and around you.

The simple protection will be that you will need 2 white candles in each room. On each candle you will write SOX NOZ ARU MAU NE. Then once this is done you will need to light the 2 candles in each room of yours for 40 days. All the black magic, evil eye or negative energy that is in your house will be destroyed and only positive energy will remain in your house. Also you can take a HORSE SHOE, and nail it outside your house, as horse shoe is also use for house protection.