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hoodoo wish spells, hoodoo love spells, hoodoo money spells, hoodoo success spells, protection spells

Hoodoo spell can be used for money, love, protection, success and more. Now these are the safest spells, but again the results are little slow, as you put the powers of your sub conscious mind while casting the spell.

This is a very simple spell that you can use for any of your wishes like love, money, success etc.

You will need a Big size green candle. On the candle you will first write your name and your mothers name with saffron ink, after that you may write these words ZONO MANSHA NOBAN SHAN MILO.

After that you may apply few drops of sandal perfume on your body and sprinkle rosewater on yourself and then light the candle and while the candle is burning, concentrate on the flame and think deep and meditate that what ever wish you have in your mind should be granted. You may do the concentration only for 10 minutes every day. And you will see that slowly what ever wish you may have in your mind will be granted and success and happiness will be in your life.

Also if you are not positive enough to cast the spell or your concentration power is not good, then you may not go for the spell as there will be no results. In that cast if you want; then I will cast the spell on your behalf.