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Guaranteed Love Spell..

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This is another simple and affective love spell. You will need 2 Red candles. Every night before sleeping, light the candles and stare at the candle and meditate that the person you love is going to love you and will always be with you and will never leave you. It is very important that while doing the meditation think only positive and don't let the negative thought to come to your mind or you will spoil the spell. You will have to meditate for 5 minutes and then chant these words ZULU ANTA AMAN MUSHKAL HALLA. Chant these words 200 times and then blow the candle and go to sleep and then continue the same thing the next day. This is a simple spell but very effective.

Also many people want guaranty in spell casting. If you will cast these simple spells with full positive attitude and positive energy then yes you will be successful. And if you feel that you are too disturbed to cast the spell then let me know; and I will cast the spell for you.