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Has your boy friend or girl friend left you, or your love is ignoring you. I you have tried various simple spells and nothing has worked, then you may try this spell. Also you have to be very confident mentally with very positive subconscious mind as you will be using your mind powers and energies while casting this spell.

You will need hair strands of the person you love. Take a Bowl and put your lovers hair strands in it. Then add equal amount of your hair also. After this is done, cover the hair with roots of a coconut tree. And then bring soft red mud and cover every thing with the mud in such a way that every thing is buried in the mud. After that you may take the bowl and burry it outside your house. Soon your lover will come back to you.

While doing this full work, always keep in your mind that he or she will come back to you and also don't bring any negative thoughts to come in your mind or every thing will be spoilt and the spell will not work.

Also if there is any questions in your mind you can always email me.