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Powerful Love Spell.

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This is another simple and effective love spell specially to attract a particular person that you want or wish. If you are attracted to some one but again you are not getting his or her attention then you may cast this spell.

Before starting the spell take a spiritual bath with rosewater so that you will be clean. Again think positive and keep in your mind the reason why you are casting this spell.

You will cast this spell at 5 in the morning. You will need 40 jasmine incense sticks. First day , take one Incense stick, burn the incense and while burning the incense chant these words ________( name of the person you want) TEKOM HOENAA ABNAA MONAZA. Chant these words 160 times and while doing this keep in your mind that the person you want should come to you. You may do this for 40 days and soon you will see that the person you are attracted to will give interest in you and will come to you.

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