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Free Black Magic Spell For Protection.

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This is another simple Protection from Black Magic Spell. If you feel that you are a victim of Evil Eye on you. If you are having too much bad luck, and nothing is working for you. You are having money or financial problems and also you are having lots of fights in your love relation, then it is sure that some one has hexed or cursed you by some sort of black magic. Again when all these problems attack you all together then yes this can not be natural and it is important to destroy these evil spells on you and take immediate protection so that you can live a happy and successful life

Remember it is important that you are very positive and confident before casting the spell. You need to take a spiritual bath with the help of rose water and increase your subconscious and meditation power so that the spell will work for you.

You will need few pebbles from the sea. You will have to dispose each pebble in the sea after every 10 days so you may take enough pebbles with you. Then wash all the pebbles with rose water. Once this is done then take a Red Mukhi Ink, and with that you may wrote your name on each pebble. And after writing your name below the pebble write ZERE DUSHMAN MERA HOYE ABHI, after you have written this, put all the pebbles in your room. And every day just take one pebble and keep it in your pocket or with you. For then days the pebble will protect you and will absorb all the black magic and evil eye that will be coming on you and so it will protect you. After 10 days you may dispose the pebble in the sea and then take another pebble and keep it with you. In this way you may use the pebbles and protect your self.

Also as I have said before that it is important that you are mentally strong and positive if you want to cast this spell. And if you have any questions email me . I will guide you and if required will cast the spell for you.