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As now days due to jealousy and evil people around us there is always a threat that there can be some type of evil eye or black magic around us and so it is important to take spiritual protection before that black magic or negative energy that is on us can completely harm you or destroy you.

This is a simple and effective spell by which you can be protected from any type of Black Magic, Evil Eye, Negative Energy, Hex and even Curse.

If some one is trying to cast a Death Spell on you, then also this spell can protect you and destroy the spell.

Also if there is Black Magic Spell on your love relation, work or money also then this spell can protect you and will prevent you from being affected by any type or form or black magic.

This will be an all purpose spell that will protect you from any thing and will destroy all the obstacles that is in your life.

You will need a parchment paper. On the paper with the help of OWLS BLOOD, you will need to write your full name, your mothers name and your birth date details. Below that write these words DUSHMAN KAALA JAADU MENAAT ZERAN HOO.

Once you have done this then take chicken blood and if you have any enemies or if you know people who are jealous of you and you feel that you are not safe, then you may write their names below.

Now take a black candle and place it in the center of the parchment paper. Then light the candle and with full concentration and meditation concentrate on the flame, and keep in your mind that all your enemies should be destroyed. You will have to do this only for 5 minutes and then blow the candle and keep the paper in your room and the next day again repeat the same thing for 5 minutes. All your enemies and all those who are jealous of you and who are doing black magic on you will be punished and destroyed.