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Free Love Spell.

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If you love someone very much, if can be your friend or any one, and you are not able to get the attention or attract that person, then this is the perfect free spell for you.

You will need 2 red candles. On one red candle with saffron ink write your name and on the other candle you will write the name of the person you love and who you want to attract. Then early morning before sunrise you will light the candle and chant these words VO SHAKS INSAAN ANARUM BOLAN. You may chant these words 200 times and after that you may blow the candle. And the same day you will have to meet that person and in your mind chant the same words 10 times and blow air from your mouth towards that person. You will have to repeat this every day. Soon you will see that the person will start getting attracted to you and will also think of you.

Again while casting this spell always bring positive thoughts to come to your mind. And you will have to cast the spell with full concentration and also you will have to meditate and give your full positive energy to the spell so that it will work in your favor. And if for any reason you feel that you can not cast the spell, then I will cast the spell for you