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Payment Terms, Magic Spells Shop, How to Pay for Spells, Saulat.com

Terms And Conditions

Payment Terms, Magic Spells Shop, How to Pay for Spells, Different Methods of sending money for the spiritual goods on Saulat.com


The best method of sending the money is by Western Union Money Transfer, if you are sending the money by Western Union then send the control number by e-mail, so that I may send your order soon. You can send the Western Union in the name of MR SAULAT KHAN or you can send a Bank Draft, or American cash Dollars. Also British Currency notes or Bank draft in the name of Saulat Khan is accepted, cash British Pounds or bank draft or postal money order is accepted. If sending postal money order please send me the postal receipt for quick supply of your order. Send all the orders by registered or ordinary air mail post Or you can transfer the money in my bank on my name SAULAT KHAN , for more detais email me at
Email: saulat@vsnl.net

Note: Spiritual Goods will not be shipped to INDIA and PAKISTAN, as Spiritual goods are not allowed in these countries.Magic Spells, Money Spells, Love Spells