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If your lover or spouse has left you. And you have tried all the free love spells to get him or her back to you, then you may try this spell and will surely it will give you positive results.

You will need the picture of your lover. On the picture with the help of a red pen you will write your name. After that you will have to go to a cemetery and burry the picture. It is important that you may remember where you have buried the picture. After that every day you will have to go to the cemetery and that place where you have buried the picture you may chant these prayers KAALA MAAN JALDI PURAN MILAN HOYE. Chant these words 200 times every day and you will see that your lost love will return to you.

Also if you are too stressed and negative or short of confidence, as your love has left you and you feel that you can not cast the spell, then email me and I will cast the spell for you.

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