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Looking for a very simple and effective Money Spell, then you may go for this spell as this is very simple to perform and will also give positive results.

You will need to bring a Money Plant home. Once you have got the plant then take sandal powder and sprinkle it on the mud which is holding the money plant. Then once this is done then early morning you will start the spell casting. Morning about 6 you will start casting the spell. You will need rose petals. Take rose petals in your right hand and sprinkle it on the tree and then chant these words MORA PAISE ANASTASTA MONITA. Chant these words 100 times every day and then water the plant and keep the money plant in your room. You will have to do this every day and you will see that soon your financial problems will be over and all the doors of money will be open to you.

Again it is very important that you may cast the spell with full positive energy and meditation so that you will get good and positive results and still if you are having any problems then email me so that I can guide you further.