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Remember always use Dark Magic Spells or Black Magic Spells to protect your self from evil eye or evil people. Never use dark magic spell to destroy or trouble any one. As spell cast of this magic spell involves a combination of positive energies and also negative energies and also powers of subconscious mind and so always use this spell for good, and also it's a warning for you that if you use these spells for harming or destruction then it can back fire and can destroy you and again if you have already done such a thing then it is very important to go for a proper protection like NOORANI RING or PENDANT.

Here is a Simple Black Magic Spell for Protection from some one who is after your life and also harming you.
You will need to make a clay voodoo doll. For that first you will need clay and little goat blood, mix it together and make a doll that will represent your enemy who has troubled you. Once this is done, then you will take a red pen and write the name of your enemy on the dolls forehead. Once this is done then every night at 10 you will take the doll in your right hand and take a pin and pierce the pin in the head of the doll, and while doing this chant these words 100 times every night MERA DUSHMAN ABHI ZER HO. Also while you are doing this keep in your mind that you need lots of concentration and positive energy power so that the doll will get activated and will do wonders. By this your enemy will be punished and will be destroyed. Also it is important that you are very positive while casting the spell so that it will give you positive results.

Also Many times I have seen that if a person who is trying to cast a Dark Magic Spell, some times may himself be affected by his own spell, the reason is these spells are very strong and have lots of negative energies and if you are not positive enough or if you are not confident, then the affects of these spell can harm you also. That's why I say that if you feel that you are not capable of spell casting then don't do it your own self and let a proper spiritualist or a spell caster cast this spell for you.

Also the effects of Dark Magic Spells are very prominent of Full Moon Nights, so always while casting any type of Dark Magic Spell; see to it that you may cast the spell on a Full Moon Night to get effective results. Also always wear Black clothes and then cast the spell. You may use this spell for revenge, love, protection etc.

There are different black magic spells one of the simplest spell to bring bad luck to your enemy is the Black Nail Spell. This spell can also be used on your enemy so that he will always have dent problems and he will always lose money and anything your enemy may try he will always have Money Problems.

For this you will have to start the spell casting on a Full Moon Night. You will need to take small pieces of your nails, collect all the finger nails. Then take a drop of any human blood (Female) and mix the nails with the blood. Once this is done then you may chant these words DUSHMAN ZER HO (if you know the name of your enemy) Then take the name of your enemy ___________ ZER HO. You may chant this for 1000 times and then burry the nails outside your enemies house, or hide the nails inside his house. You enemy will suffer and all the money will be gone.

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