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Free Dark Magic Spell.

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I have always said and again I will say that dark magic spells are evil and should be avoided.

But if some one is after your life and is ruining your life and has made your life a living health then you may use this dark magic spell to destroy him or punish him. Also if your enemy has hexed you or cursed then by this spell you will be free from any type of hex or curse that is on you.

Now you will need the picture of the person or any belongings of the person like piece of shirt of hair or any thing. Then you will need a black candle and place it on the belonging of your enemy and chant these words KAALA JANTAR DAFAAH ZAER PAST. You may say this 200 times and then take a small bowl and burn every thing in the bowl. Then cover the bowl with a parchment paper and close your eyes and say in your mind the reason why you are casting the spell and meditate and concentrate for 10 minutes. Then you will have to go to a cemetery and burry the bowl in the ground. Once this is done you will see that your enemy is destroyed and punished and will never come in your life.

Now it is very important while you are casting the spell you are very positive and your mind is not distracted as if you are negative or not confident then you may not get the desired results. Also if you feel that you can not cast any spell then let me know. I will cast the spell for you.