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Protection Spells from Curse, Hex & Black Magic. CLICK HERE

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Do you fell that you are hexed and cursed, you feel that you are a victim of black magic and evil eye then you may cast this spell for protection and be free and protected from all the evil and black magic that is troubling and surrounding you.

You will need lobaan powder. Lobaan is always used to destroy any type of black magic, hex or curse, as it has natural properties and is very affective. You will need lobaan powder and mix your hair strands with the powder. Once this is done then you may take a small bowl and put little lobaan in it, then add few pieces of burnt charcoal so that lobaan burns and when it stars burning you will see lots of smoke coming out. Once this stars then you may start chanting these words TERAM MONAN JAADOO BHASM. You may chant these words and give the smoke to your full house and also you may take the smoke on you. Where ever the smoke will go all the black magic and negative energies all will be destroyed and only positive energy will remain with you.