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Cast Magic Spell.

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If you are looking simple and easy spells for protection, then you may try casting these simple and powerful magic spells.

You will first need to take a spiritual bath with the help of rose water.

Then you will need one bowl of water, put few drops of rose water in it, address few rose petals in it, after this take saffron oil and put few drops of saffron oil in the bowl of water. Once this is done then over the bowl. Then you will need a 6 sandal Incense sticks. You may light all the incense sticks and then chant these words 360 times, ______(your name) BACHNE KAAL JAADU ZER DAST HO. After chanting these words, you will have to wait and think meditate on the incense and put lots of positive energy on the incense so that the whole spell will work for you. After that once the incense sticks are burnt then you will have to collect all the incense ash and put it in the bowl. Once this is done then you will have to collect the water that is in the bowl and keep it in a bottle. Now when ever you will go out or if you feel that you are a victim of black magic or evil eye then you may take few drops of the water and sprinkle it on yourself. You will always be safe and protected.

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