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Free Magic Spell.

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If you are not happy with your love relation or married life, if you feel that your love does not love you like before or is losing his or her interest in you then you may cast this simple magic spell that can bring happiness in your love life.

This spell is a 40 day work, you have to get up early morning before sunrise. Where any dark colored clothes, take a spiritual bath and get ready to cast the spell. You will need 2 pink colored candles. On one candle you will write your name with red ink and on the other one you will write your name with the same red ink. Without lighting the candles chant these words ______(your name) PUNIT MANGAL INTAN NAKSHATRA_________(name of the person you love) 360 times. Then light the candles and concentrate and meditate only for 5 minutes that the person you love will always love you more and more. After the meditation you may leave but let the candles be burning.

Slowly you will see that your love will start thinking of you more and more and will love you more then before.

Also while doing this full spell casting see that you are very positive and confident and don't let any negative thoughts to come to your mind or you may not get the desired results. Also if you feel that you cant cast the spell then I will cast the spell on your behalf.