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Cast Magic Spell for Love.

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If you have lost your love for ever, and you feel that he or she will never come back then you may go for this simple and powerful love spell.

You will do this invocation in the late evenings any time after sunset. You will need 2 red candles. Then you may light the 2 candles and chant these words _______( name of your lost love) MILE AATMA NORAN AMI TABU_________(your name). You will have to chant these words 200 times and then after you have finished chanting these words 200 times, you may then blow of the candles. What ever wax was melted you have to collect that wax and go and burry it outside the house of your lost love. You will have to do this way every day and you will see that your lost love will see you in his or her dreams will think of you and will be back in your life.

Again while casting this spell it is very important that there is lots of positive energy around you so that the spell will work for you. That's why it is very important that you may think positive and also meditate so that only positive thoughts will come in your mind so that the spell will work for you. Also if you feel that you are not positive enough to cast the spell then email me and I will cast the spell on your behalf.