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The Buddha
The Essence of Dhamma and its Practice


This book is a fascinating pot pourri of simple, often untold insights into Buddhism, interesting glimpses from Buddha's life and the author's own understanding of the Dhamma. It describes Buddha's immense respect for life and his belief in denouncing materialism for the good of the masses. According to Buddha, violence begins violence, fire can never douse fire. But love can win over hatred. And a man at peace with himself will bring peace to the world. The book explains in very simple language how easily one can make Buddhism a part of daily life. In its pages the aggressive robber Angulimal becomes an Arhant and the wicked Chinchaya's plot against Buddha is brought to light. Through twelve chapters, the book describes Buddha's life, his followers, the Essence of his teachings, Law of dependant origination. Vipassana, the Vipassana centers in world, pictures of the Buddha Stupas, Buddhist religious texts, festivals and places of pilgrimage. It is truly a handbook for those who are sincerely interested in practicing Dhamma.

The Price of this book is US$ 40