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Black Magic Ritual.

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Are you affected a victim of black magic and evil eye, do you feel you are hexed and curse then you may cast this simple and effecting black magic spell.

You will need 16 black candles. You may make a circle of black candles and sit in the middle of the circle. After that light the candles and chant these words and keep your eyes closed. Chant these words 200 times, KAALA MOKSH BINTA AZWALI. After chanting these words you will blow the candles and then you need to take ABANISH BATH. For that take a bucket of water in the water add rose water, sandal powder, pinch of salt, few saffron pieces and in the end dried rose petals. After the bath you `dry your self and wear white clothes for 2 hours. This will remove all the hex or generational curse that has affected you.