Black Magic Spell for lost love.

This is again a simple but powerful black magic spell to get your love back into your If the person you love is avoiding you or has left you for some other person , cast this love spell. I am sure that it will surely help you.

Again cast black magic spell only for good and not to harm any one.

What you will need to do is get one black living chicken. And for 20 days you will have to take care of the chicken and also feed the chicken. Now what you have to do is the grains or the food that you will given the chicken, every morning on the grains chant these words _______(name of the person you want back in your life) MERA PYAAR ANAST MUSHKIL AASSAN HOIE. You may check these words 200 times on the food of the chicken and after that blow air from your mouth on the food and then give it to the chicken. Then after 20 days take the chicken in your hand and touch your forehead and feel 7 times and then cut the chicken, you have to take the head of the chicken and burry it outside the house of the person you love, and the body of the chicken you may dispose it. You will see that the person you love will again start communicating with you and will be back in your life.

Again it is very important that you are very positive, strong and confident while casting the spell. Also while spell casting don't let any evil or negative thoughts to come to your mind or you may not get the results. If you feel that you are hesitant and cant do the spell then let me know. I will check your horoscope and then accordingly will cast the spell for you.