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Black Death Magic Spell.

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I have said many times and again I will say that be away from death spells, but again if someone has made your life a living hell, and you have no other option then taking revenge and in extreme condition you may go for this spell

First you will need to wear black clothes. Then you will have to sacrifice a black goat with your own hands, after the sacrifice you will have to distribute the meat to the poor children. Then take the head of the goat that you will be using for your work.

On the goat skull write the name of your enemy with chicken blood, once this is done concentrate on the head of the skull and chant these words DUSMAN ANAMAL ZERE NASHT HO. You may chant these words 200 times every day for 20 days and then burry the skull outside the house of your enemy, or hide the skull in his or her house.

You will see that slowly your enemy will start getting punished and will be destroyed for troubling you.

Again while casting the spell, it is important that you are very confident and positive and you have to keep in your mind the name of your enemy so that the spell will work for you.

Also if you feel that you can not cast the spell then email me, I will cast the spell for you.