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Anti love Spells or Break Up Spell can be used for many purposes. If you feel that your love or soul mate is with some one else and you want to break them up so that your love will be back to you, or if you are already married or being in relation you are not happy and love some one else then also you can go for this spell. Like if you want a divorce peacefully without any fights or quarrels then with the help of this effective spell you will achieve what you want.

I have seen this many times that even if you are married, after marriage you may meet or come in contact with your soul mate. And when you are with your soul mate you may realize that life can be so beautiful. And as you are married you can not do any thing, in that case you can use this anti love or break up spell, so that you will be free from your marriage peacefully without any fights or quarrels and then you will be able to reunite with your soul mate.

With the power of this spell you can easily break up your relation or you can also break up other person's relation. For example if your friend is in a relation with a wrong person and you care for her then yes you can use this spell to break their relation.

When you will use this break up spell, this spell will first emit energies that will destroy the positive energy that is between you and your love, when this happens then your love will feel very uncomfortable, he or she may not find you attractive and will lose interest in you, as a result your love will find some other person and peacefully will leave you so that you can start your own happy life.

Again it is important that when you will cast this spell you have lots of positive energy around you and don't think negative as if your aura or energy is not strong then you may not get the desired results. In that case you may email me and I will cast the spell for you.

You will have to cast the spell in the evening after 7. You will need a black candle. On the candle you may write the name of the person you don't want in your life, or the person you want to break up with. Remember write the name with a red color. Once this is done then you may light the candle and chant these words NOO AANAA MOLES JAAA, chant these words 200 times every night and while chanting do proper meditation with full concentration so that this spell will work for you in your favor.

ALso if you are not positive enough to cast the spell due to stress or depression, or if you will you dont have enough concentration power to cast the spell, then let me know. I will cast the spell for you.