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Ancient Magic Spell.

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This is a very simple and powerful love spell. In ancient or olden times many people used to try this and was very affective.

If you really love some one truly and can not stay without the person then you may cast this spell. But you may also remember that once you cast this spell correctly then reversing the spell may not be possible so easily. So only if you love the person very much and you have decided that you want to live you life with him or her then yes you may go for this spell.

You will need a small bowl. Inside the bowl you will need to put few strands of your hair and the hair of the person you love. Then add lobaan to cover the hair, once this done cover the bowl with a parchment paper. Once this is done take a red candle and chant these words ______(name of the person you love) MOKSH PYAAR ITNEE BETNAATU MAMNA_________(your name) 200 times. Once this is done you may blow air from your mouth on the bowl and then you will take the bowl to a very old place, that is very old and ancient may be hundreds or thousands of years old, like an old fort or any thing and you will have to burry the bowl over there. Once this is done you may come back home. The spell will start working and you will see that the person you love will start getting attracted to you, he or she will see you in his or her dreams and will never be able to forget you.

Again while casting the spell you will need to add lots of positive energy and need to have positive atmosphere around you so that the spell will work for you. If you will be negative or if you have any negative thoughts then the spell may not give you positive results.

Anyways if you feel that you can not cast the spell then let me know. I will cast the spell for you.