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What is Rudraksh, where it is found etc there are so many questions Well RUDRAKSH is tree and the rudrakash beads that we are talking about is nothing but the seeds of the fruits of this great RUDRAKSH Tree In English it is also known as BLUE MARBLE tree and the botanical name of RUDRAKSH is Elaeocarpus sphaericus, E. grandis and E. ganitrus. Rudraksh is found in Asia and mainly in Nepal and Malaysia.

Rudraksh beads are full of powers, they play a very important role in destroying any type of evil spells, blackmagic, voodoo etc so the wearer will be safe from any type of magic.

Rudraksh beads are said to be powerfull and have many hidden qualities and has tremendous powers and energies. As we all are aware of the qualities and powers of rudraksh but still I am mentioning some of them, Every one who is aware of these powerful beads know what exactly they are and how their lives has changed after they started wearing it, again Rudraksh are natural and are not artificially prepared, and as they are natural that's what makes them powerful Rudraksh is a seed and from ancient Vedas it is proved that they have immense powers and has done wonders for mankind, it is also said that they have tremendous power and energy. Rudraksh has many qualities I am mentioning some of the qualities as again it is not possible to mention all the qualities

a) It is said to absorb all the badluck of the wearer and change it into goodluck, also the wearer will be protected from blackmagic and evil affects thus protecting the wearer spiritually from any type of blackmagic, voodoo and witchcraft powers
b) It is said to control stress, blood pressure and hypertension.
c) It will give you success in every thing that you want to do, it is said to increase spiritual knowledge, and also it is said to increase the subconscious mind of a person.
d) It is also responsible in destroying the diseases within yourself and some also say that it can also take care of diseases that can be fatal to us, and thus play a very important role in having a very long life so it can also be called as a life saving drug.
e) It is said to give you success in all the field, promotes peace, it also very important for students who have to appear for difficult exams as it is said to give them success in any type of exams Even in business it will give you good luck and will destroy all the bad luck around you
f) It is very good for pregnant women's.
g) Person who will wear this Rudraksh will be protected from any type of fatal accidents, even poison etc.
h) It helps in achieving good memory, knowledge and wisdom
i) Rudraksh also plays a very important role in our life as it also has lots of medicinal value, like curing heart problem, blood pressure, tension, depression and many such mental problems. It is said to control many sickness and diseases like eye problem, ear problem, kidney, negative feeling, phobia problems, menstrual cycle problem, inferiority complex, It plays a very important role in having peace of mind, destroy, poverty, diseases of fat , Kidney , thigh and more
j) It is also used in attracting opposite sex, and increases sexual pleasure and cures impotency also.
k) It is also said that Rudraksh prevents untimely death and so he will always be protected from any type of accidents , badluck, problems etc
l) The wearer of Rudraksh will always have a sense of security around him.

In short Rudraksh are said to cure all the problems related to past, present and future and is a blessing to mankind Again special mantras and ceremonies are done on the rudraksh beads so that then they become activated and charged and then show their amazing and powerfull affects.

It is also said RUDRAKSH bead in a silver pendant is very affective But 108 beads of Rudraksh when worn around the neck as a chain or mala then it is said to increase the spiritual and subconscious powers of a person and that's why you must have seen that big gurus or saints always wear a rudraksh rosary or chain or mala of 108 beads.
Also I would like to say that Rudraksh does not have any side affects etc so any one can wear it without any problem as it only helps as remember they are naturally found.

As you all now know the wonders that these beads can do, and yes they are also very costly but as every one can enjoy the powers and benefits of this bead I will charge one bead in silver pendant for US $50.

Also it is advisable if the wearer can wear a chain of 108 beads like a chain as by this he will be completely protected. As a special favor I am charging the full chain or rosary of 108 beads only for US $100


Also if you are interested you can even wear a chain or rosary of 108 beads of rudraksh.